Sunday, February 17, 2013


Kinda hard to see, so I will translate. Ahem.
"I wud luv vary vary vary vary vary vary vary much ol the desgobols in the word. I wud like them mor then eneething. I wotid them for a log time."
Love that kid.

After I posted the above, I got an immediate email from my mom in London. The back and forth goes as follows:

Mom: "LOL - what is a desgobol?????"
Me: "look at the picture"
Mom: "Both Janet and I DID!"
Me: "Sound it out loud while looking at the picture. You'll get it."
Mom: "We DID!!!!!  We don't speak Ammon :) Janet wants to know if they are desk globes ????"
Me: "Oh, for heaven's sake. Disco balls!"
Then the phone rang and was answered with lots of mutual laughter. The end.


Becky B. said...

Ha! Got a good chuckle out of this. And I understood the Discoball thing right away.

Charlotte said...

Get the boy a disco ball! So blasted cute!